VoiceMap application
Self guided
audio walk

Rose Garden, Begonia House and Peace Garden

VoiceMap, a new experience

This app for smart phones enables people to take a guided walk in the garden, when they want, and at their own pace.

VoiceMap, a recently-launched mobile application for iPhones and Android devices, is using cutting-edge GPS technology and the age-old art of storytelling. It uses your smartphone’s GPS device to identify locations as you walk and automatically play relevant audio tracks.

The Rose Garden, Begonia House and Peace Garden area is the most visited part of the Garden, and is the site of this the first audio walk.

This part of the garden covers a very compact area, and has much of interest. A long deep gully was filled in to create Anderson Park, and later the Rose Garden. The roses and begonias, a fantastic feature of the area, have been grown in the Wellington Botanic Garden for over 100 years, although not always in this location. The Peace Garden reminds us of the futility of war and the desire that we suffer armed aggression no more. This walk allows us to hear the story of this area, its history, its development, and details of what there is to see.

The app can be downloaded for free.

The walks from all around the world cost from US 99 cents to $US9.99.  The price for the local tour has been set at $US1.99; approximately  NZ$3 in local currency. You can listen to the tour using your headphones, or a couple can listen using the speaker provided by the phone.  You can also replay the audio later, after you leave the garden, at your leisure.

The app can be downloaded for free.

To download the Wellington Botanic Garden audio walk, follow these steps: 

1) Search for the VoiceMap app in the Google Play or App Store . Download.
2) Sign in or create an account
3) Select Wellington from the list of cities
4) Then select
Wellington Botanic Garden: Rose Garden, Begonia House and Peace Garden
5) Tap on the red download button. The audio walk costs $US1.99; approximately NZ $3 in local currency. You can pay using your iTunes and Google Wallet accounts, or credit cards. Allow ALL the files to finish downloading.
6) When the download is finished, the download button will change from red to green, and instead of seeing the price, you’ll see the word “Start”. You’re ready to go!
7) You can stop and start the audio as required, even replaying all the audio at your leisure later.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
                        Requires Android 4.2 and up

The route of the Rose Garden walk showing the trigger points where new audio can be heard.
The start point has the earphones

FREE Wifi is available in the Wellington Botanic Garden, at the Cable Car entrance, Treehouse Visitors Centre and Begonia House where you can download the program and use immediately during your visit. Once the app and walk is downloaded you require no further internet connection.

More walks are available in many towns and countries throughout the world. A list appears at the start of the app.