The Downhill Walk is designed to give an introduction to these Gardens. As its name implies it is downhill all the way, and passes through all the main areas which are favorites of visitors.

The walk can be completed in under an hour, but if you want to see the sights and obtain the atmosphere of the Garden two to three hours can be easily spent. The Main Garden and the Rose Garden/Begonia House warrant time to see, and other areas can be usefully visited. There are seats around the Garden, and coffee and light meals are available in the Begonia House Cafe. Meals are also available at the Skyline Cafe at the top of the Cable Car.

Between the Treehouse and the Cable Car is an extensive children's playground which will keep most children entertained for hours Toilets are nearby.
Duck Pond in the Main Garden will also provide entertainment for children. Bring some bread for the ducks and you will have friends for life!! There is shade and seating and always plenty of activity. There is open water that is fenced, but watch children always.

There are toilets a short distance towards the Main Gate.

Children also find the fountains in the Gardens fascinating - the Joy Fountain in the Main Garden and the one in the center of the Lady Norwood Rose Garden.

The way from the Cable Car entrance to the Garden to the exit at the city end (close to the Houses of Parliament and the main shopping street - Lambton Quay), is well way-marked for visitors. 

The mosiac tiles represent the Wellington native Northern Rata.

The tiles are placed on the  pathway at all intersections, and  along the walkway at some 10 to 15 paces apart.  Look for the tiles, and if you travel some distance without seeing them, retrace your route back to the last intsersection to join the corrcet way.  If you walk downhill you will generally be correct! 

In addition to the tiles, map boards show the walkway coloured purple, and there are directional signs along the route, with purple arrows to indicate the correct way.  The free garden map brochure  also clearly shows the way, available at map boards, Treehouse Visitor Centre, Begonia Houuse, and at the I-site as well as other tourist facilities. 

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