Within the Garden are areas of native bush.  A self guided walk is available, with interpretative signs erected along the way. 

The Walk is shown in green on the latest Garden map, available free at various points in the Garden.    The walks are in two parts;  from the Cable Car to the Main Garden, and continuining from the Fernery (Stables Gully, near the Treehouse)  to the Begonia House. 

The bush in the Garden has generally suffered during the human occupation of the area, although ares in the more inaccessable areas has survived, although most of the major trees have been lost.  The area does, however, provide a good introduction to our native flora, although the Otari Willton's Bush Native Plant Museum provides the best example, with its area of virgin bush remaining.  This area,  managed by the botanic garden, is readily accessable from here, and well worth a visit.  For photos of this area CLICK HERE

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Puketea walk
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The walks should be completed from the Cable Car providing mostly a downhill contour , although can be completed either way.  However you will need to use the maps to follow the route in the reverse direction.

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