As Walter Cook noted in the  Garden History  ----

"The future uses of the Botanic Garden are sure to be varied.  But whatever they are — a teaching garden for the needs of the (current generation), a horticultural showplace, a venue where suburban belly dancers, jugglers or artists can display their wares - one thing is certain.   The Garden now has a past.   It is a rich varied past intimately linked to the development of the city and the country since 1840.   Such a past has to be acknowledged, and such a past becomes part of the future of the Botanic Garden."

The Director's of the garden have played a central role in this, which will continue into the future.

The directors, keepers, managers, curators of the garden in order of appointment
Their titles have changed over the years

(This is a developing series with material added as it becomes available.)

David Sole   2003 -  Current manager

The sources include

WBG Management Plans

Heritage Inventory Margeurite Hill 2003

Winsome Shepherd and Walter Cook; The Botanic Garden, Wellington A New Zealand History 1840 - 1987

This is an expertly researched and published work, and is the primary source for this series.
Published in 1988 I obtained one of the last remaindered copies in 1999.
 Now out of print, because of the quality of the material included,
much of the information for this series is sourced from this book, with full acknowledgement of the source.

Winsome Shepherd  Wellingdton's Heritage plants, gardens, and landscape  Te Papa Press 2000

Wellington City Archives